Ancestor's Path

Ancestors used to go to caves, grottos. They went there to bow to mysterious gods, to give them their gifts. They believed it helps to keep the forests full of wildfowl, to grow greener and to multiply their families and population size. In other words they believed it helps to survive. Among these rocks they found themselves equally close to the bright gods of heaven and to the powers of darkness concealed deep inside the underground. The most brave of them or may be the initiated ones managed to go further, to the place where under the Belyi Ius River Valley giant stone arches have arisen.

Could these arches be doorways to parallel worlds? Could shamans be looking for routes to other spaces by going through the rock gates? And finding innermost knowledge outside the reality ancestors used to come back and share their experience with fellow tribesmen. It was important not to get lost in all those paths, to choose the only right way to home. To come back home and then to go by “the shaman’s path” again.

Departure point: the camping site “Delor” in Shira village

Itinerary: Shira village – Efremkino village – massif Togyz-Az 52 km by bus

Duration: 5 hours (approx.)

For groups of: 12 persons

Available: all the year round

FROM: 65.00 EUR

Ancestor's Path

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