Borodinskaya Cave

Borodinskaya Cave is 1120 meters long and 60 meters deep. It is situated in the southern slope of ravine. The cave does not have any watercourses or subterranean lakes because it is rather higher than base level.

The entrance is at the bottom of the rock at a height of 70 meters from the bottom of ravine and it looks like a well. It’s better to walk down from the southeastern brink. The distance from the surface to the bottom of lighted grotto is about 5 meters. The floor is covered with heap of earth and crags, so it’s better to watch your step and walk very carefully. In 30 meters gallery is getting higher and more spacious. The walls are covered with calcite crust and stalagmites. At the entrance of a great Khramovuyi grotto you can see a bulky stalagmite. Due to its shape it looks like Buddhist pagoda. Its height is 2, 5 meters and thickness is 1,5 meters. This special interior seems to be some kind of a fantastic underground temple.

There is a biggest stalagmite of the whole Siberia in the back of the grotto, at the ledge of the wall. It’s 5 meters in height and called Upper Pagoda.

The cave scenery is changing to the east. Calcareous walls make way and you find yourself in grotto Grandiose (length 160 meters, width 40-50 meters, height 10-18 meters). Water drips down from the top and creates calcite mass. In winter huge icy stalagmites grow here. When powerful light source is directed to the west, visitors understand why this grotto has his name.

The next grotto is called Zhanna’s grotto and has a lot of stalactites, stalagmites, pillars of different fanciful forms.

Departure point: the camping site “Delor” in Shira village

Itinerary: Shira village – Tolcheya village 160 km by bus

Duration: 10 hours (approx.)

For groups of: 12 persons

Available: all the year round

FROM: 129.00 EUR

Borodinskaya Cave

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