Ivanovsky Lakes

Ivanovsky Lakes are under federal protection and situated on the territory of exotic rocky landscapes with firry light forest, alpine and subalpine meadows, rocky cold deserts, and exceptional groves and hush waterfalls. Four separate lakes have karst origin. Fourty-metres-high waterfall streams down to the biggest of them. Water in lakes is always very cold. This is a region of eternal glaciers even in summer so you may see inimitable partnering of green grass and white snow. Rocky slopes are covered with dwarf birches. There are a lot of bilberries, cowberries and many plants that are entered in Red Book in the neighborhood of these lakes. The depth of the lowest lake is 140 metres. You will easily believe it when you’ll see the mysterious dark green water of the lake from an abrupt coast.

These lakes are nourished on glaciers and snowfields that don’t thaw even in summer. So there is an excellent opportunity for snowboarding and sledding in July. Such activities are organized by tourists on their own, there’s no special service and equipment.

Departure point: the camping site “Delor” in Shira village

Itinerary: Shira village – Lakes Ivanovsky 200 km by bus

Duration: 12 hours (approx.)

For groups of: 12 persons

Available: from June till the second part of August

FROM: 150.00 EUR

Ivanovsky Lakes

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