Tour prices

Tour Name per person (in a group of 9-10), EUR Individual car tour (1-3 persons), EUR
Bele Lake47 379
Kashkulakskaya Cave65 585
Sunduki Mountains60 520
Ancestor’s Path65 585
Tuim Chasm47 379
Tus Lake47 379
Shira Pillars89 700
Rafting On Belyi Ius River47 379
Borodinskaya Cave129 1129
Stone Crown60 520
The Great Salbyk Kurgan139 1290
Ivanovsky Lakes150 1450
The Grave Tumulus Of Barsuchy Log139 1290
Forest Tale89 700
The sanctum of White Horse60 520
Fishing and rafting on the river Chapshi1500

Prices are valid from 05/10/10 till 10/10/10


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