The Great Salbyk Kurgan

So there is a natural boundary Salbyk 75 km of Abakan. It is called Dinlin and combines several dozens of tsars and hundreds of families burial mounds. The largest archeological mountain is considered Salbyksky burial mound created in the 4th century B.C. for a distinguished tsar-warrior burying. Sukleskie petroglyphs are a pictorial art masterpiece of the Tyukhtyatsk culture time. They are followed with ancient writings.

A fortress Onlo (Tagarskaya culture, the 7th-3rd centuries B.C.), medieval castles and so on are among other ancient archeological monuments.

Khakasian menhirs are famous. Among them unusual Big Gates in Salbykskaya hollow (the 4th-1st centuries B.C.) stand out. It was established that menhirs are situated in biolocational line-type anomaly resulted of tectonic zones, along which the flows of yet unknown to science energies, coming from the depth of the planet, are able to influence human beings nature in certain way. The antiquity used these places for rituals and peoples treatment. Big Gates represent two cavated out of Devonian malmrock cliff slabs of 3 meters high. Here is human beings biofields correction possible. It was established that the Big Gates energy of radiation is the same as the one of St. Tsarbels body.

Departure point: the camping site “Delor” in Shira village

Itinerary: Shira village – The Great Salbyk Kurgan 150 km by bus

Duration: 10 hours (approx.)

For groups of: 12 persons

Available: all the year round

FROM: 139.00 EUR

The Great Salbyk Kurgan

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