The sanctum of White Horse

It is a special area that is situated so that allowed ancient people to observe sunrises, sunsets and full moon in a stages of high and low fixation of moments of winter and summer solstice, vernal and autumnal equinox. And people succeed in definition of main timing loops wich associated with darkening of moon and sun. They managed to determine a period of time that is nearly equal to a period of the Earth's revolution round the Sun. This is a year. Also people calculated a simple period of time – day, and calendar year according to which we live now.

This area that is called The sanctum of White Horse was found after the inspection of Black mountain by archaeologists. They discover the image of white horse on the rock. This rock painting is a unique for the spacious area of Black Ius and White Ius valleys. The unusual technical execution of this rock painting is amazing. The archaeometry of this finding is about 18 thousand years. This area was choosen purposeful, it’s height is equal to the height of a skyline so an observer was on the same level that rising sun was.

The sanctum of White Horse is only one part in the complex system of astronomic points that serve the purpose of sky observation in a Paleolithic age.

Departure point: the camping site “Delor” in Shira village

Itinerary: Shira village – Sunduki Mountains, 47 km by bus

Duration: 5 hours (approx.)

For groups of: 12 persons

Available: all the year round (depends on the weather)

FROM: 60.00 EUR

The sanctum of White Horse

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